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The young man that he hopes to be throwing to, Odell Beckham Jr., has had some, dare I say, maturity issues that you’ve witnessed. How much more growth do you expect from him when he comes back from his injury?

– Well, I’ve had a lot of time to talk to him during the games, post-game, just on a personal level. He’s starting to understand now that he just has to change the way that he’s viewed, because he’s not the guy that they make him out to be. He’s not this immature guy who causes problems everywhere. He’s not a problem at all, actually. It’s hard for me because if he were, I’d tell you. I tell him as well, but he’s not.

SKIP BAYLESS: No distraction caused?

– None at all.

– But you can understand the image that you project is how people perceive you. They see what happened when he was on the field with Josh Norman when they played the Carolina Panthers. They see the antics on the sideline when he’s not getting the ball. So it’s hard for us to look past that and say, OK, this is a guy that’s really mature.

– But if it’s like you’re saying– if it’s like you’re saying, Eli Manning, if I’m your number one guy, you’re not giving me the ball, I’d be pretty ticked off, too, but I don’t think that’s what is about on the sideline. I have yet to see him complain on the sideline about not getting the ball. It’s other things. If it’s not going right he shows his emotions, and that’s how he chooses to lead, and he’s a leader. He’s a leader of this football team despite what everybody may believe.

– You were cool with him leading a group of receivers to Miami to get ready for the game at Lambeau?wholesale nfl nike jerseys - Cheap White Nike Odell Beckham Jr Men's Stitched NFL Limited Rush Jersey

– Hey, man, I was at home in Jersey, man. That’s all I would say.

SKIP BAYLESS: That all you know?

SHANNON SHARPE: It’s next. It’s next. And I played this game a long time. And I’m gonna be all the way 100 with you. If that guy is your leader and he’s showing that kind of behavior, I don’t believe you can win a title with him. He’s going to have to change. He’s got to change. You cannot– and I get it. I’m not saying Tom Brady– and I get it– but when things are not going your way, you can’t lash out. You’ve got to remain calm, you’ve got to take the emotion out of it, because everybody is watching you. If you’re lead– because you’re supposed to follow the leader. Now, if my leader’s doing this, what can I do?

– You’re right. And I think that’s just a part– he’s a young guy. He’s very, very young. He’s not that 25, 24-year-old second, third year guy like we’re seeing now. I think he’s, what, about 25 now, 25 or 26, going into his fourth or fifth year in the league? He’s the greatest talent we’ve seen at the wide receiver position in the National Football League, in my opinion. You guys may have something different to say about that, but he’s fast, he can run, he can jump, he’s a willing blocker. The incident with Josh Norman, have you seen Josh Nolan play cornerback?


– He’s is a very aggressive guy, and Odell is a very aggressive receiver–

SKIP BAYLESS: Yes he is.

– –so that’s bound to happen.

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